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Professional Upholstery Services for Commercial Markets
Reserved Seating Upholstery I (810) 955-4371
Markets Served:
  • Restaurants

  • Physical Therapy

  • Medical

  • Corporate

  • Marine

Customer Focused Service

In the fast-paced commercial environment furniture must withstand heavy use while maintaining a professional appearance. Disruptions resulting from necessary repairs not only inconvenience your customers but also incur costs for you. That’s why we are committed to minimizing and, whenever possible, eliminating downtime. This commitment may entail:

  • Scheduling work during non-peak hours.

  • Flexibility to arrive before or after business hours to accommodate your schedule.

  • Utilizing a dedicated team to work overnight on the job site or in our shop.

We welcome any suggestions you may have to further streamline the process. At Reserved Seating Upholstery we take pride in our innovative approach and problem-solving capabilities!

Repair Service
In addition to our commercial upholstery services, we specialize in repair solutions, including rebuilding damaged booth seats, repairing or replacing springs and foam, realigning fixed bases to eliminate sway, and many other services. If you encounter any unique issues, simply let us know, and we'll work diligently to develop tailored solutions to meet your needs.


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