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Professional Upholstery Services for Commercial Markets
Reserved Seating Upholstery I (810) 955-4371

Reserved Seating Upholstery

Brenda and Larry Finkbeiner are the sole owners of Reserved Seating Upholstery. Having both departed from corporate careers, they brought with them invaluable skills in problem-solving, business structure and customer service to establish their own enterprise. When their daughter-in-law, Niki expressed interest and was added to the team she swiftly proved her worth as an indispensable member. Collaboratively, this team has cultivated a diverse clientele spanning franchised restaurants, physical therapy and medical offices, educational institutions, marine industries, and a multitude of corporate entities.

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Brenda Finkbeiner


Brenda oversees sales,

estimating and project planning.

Larry Finkbeiner

Master Upholsterer

Larry oversees production and

supervises job sites.

Niki Weston Finkbeiner

Southeastern MI Branch Owner

Niki oversees sales and installations in Southeastern Michigan.

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